Trans Bike Varaita

A four-day adventure in the italian Alps

The Trans Varaita Bike is an Enduro MTB adventure that will take place in the Cozie Alps in Italy. The event will be held over four days from the morning of the 22nd of August to the evening of the 25th in the Varaita Valley at the foot of Monviso; beginning in Piasco and heading up towards Sampeyre and Bellino with the race ending in Pontechianale.

Throughout this race competitors can expect to face trails with variouscharacteristics and difficulties that will surely challenge all riders.

Our aim with this event is to bring the Mountain Bike community together in the hope of sharing amazing views, local cuisines, refreshing beers and hopefully see some of our community shred the Italian Alps 4

  • 4 different location
  • 4 days of riding on different trails;
  • 4 days of riding, local cuisines, beer and happines